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Greetings sweet readers,

I have been getting a lot of emails about this last post and having an artist at your wedding. So I wanted to take a few minutes to elaborate on that. First the idea came from the most special collaborative effort for the lavender inspired shoot. We asked a local artist that we found on a local art education site and the idea went on from there.

I was also thinking that there might be another way to incorporate this concept at your wedding and create a memorable piece that will adorn the newlyweds walls for years to come. If you are anything like me and my Hubby we had 2 pictures on our wall when we got married….. both wedding gifts! They still hang on our wall and we adore them!

I like gifts that last and are useful that’s why I love UncommonGoods. They have great home-brew gifts, I got my hubby this last year and he loved it!

But back to the wedding idea. A while back Aisle Candy featured these posters. UncommonGoods has them here and they are totally custom! So cute! This is my favorite… I love it when my hubby dances with me.


Or lets say you lived in two different states, this one would be so cute as decor for your reception and after.


They are lots more ideas and super cute wedding things here at UncommonGoods. Check it out I know you will love it!


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Lavender Inspiration


Greetings sweet readers,

So I am back at it my friends! It’s been a while and I can not believe that I haven’t shared this editorial shoot that KT Merry Photography, Maria from Dreamy Whites and I put together. I love working with people that love collaborating with others. To me this is the essence of a real wedding. Teamwork between your new soon to be parents, you and your fiancé, and sometimes your budget. Everyone working together to create something memorable.

For me this day represented the best kind of collaboration. Laughter, ideas, new friendships and beautiful simplicity.

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KT had this great idea to hire an artist to paint the scene from the ceremony for the couple to have in their home as a reminder of that day. Brilliant!

I will be sharing my favorite BIY (Buy It Yourself) lavender items and one super easy DIY lavender project. I believe that DIY should be easy, beautiful, inexpensive, and useful in real life. After all what bride wants to be stuck with 12 beaded monograms…. what do you do with them?!

That is exactly what I did, little hand beaded monograms that sat on the tables…Seriously, what should I do with them?

I hope you enjoy this lavender inspiration as much as I do. Tell me what you do with lavender and maybe I will make it a BIY feature!


Photographer: KT Merry Photography  /  Decor/Stylist: Maria of Dreamy Whites  /  Hair & Makeup: Jacqueline Scott  /  Floral Design: Martha Andrews  /  Gowns: Ever After & Ivy and Aster  /  Headpieces: Jannie Baltzer  /  Invitations: Kari Dyas kadyas(at)aol(dot)com  /  Plein Aire Artist: Barbara GreenswiegShare This Post

San Diego Wedding by Brian Leahy


Greetings sweet readers,

I love so many elements of this wedding I can’t even tell you! Everything from men in uniform, super cute table decor, the sweetest speech notes, to the lovely floral design by Suzan M Florals. All captured by Brian Leahy Photography.   This San Diego wedding took place at Tower23, a great location with vistas of the beautiful Pacific.














So tell me what kind of wedding are you having? Beach, woods, open field, indoor? I can’t wait to hear!



Photography: Brian Leahy Photography  /  Florist: Suzan M Florals  /  Venue: Tower23  /  Entertainment: Lighthouse EntertainmentShare This Post

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